Wireless Cover Map

Cape Connect Internet

About our Wireless Network

Our 5GHz network covers greater Cape Town, and supports both MikroTik and Ubiquiti customer premises equipment. All our MikroTik access points make use of Nv2. All our Ubiquiti access points make use of AirMax. We do not connect MikroTik CPE to Ubiquiti access points, and we do not connect Ubiquiti CPE to MikroTik access points.

Coverage areas are theoretic and can be affected by trees, buildings or wireless interference in the area.

Wireless Hotspots

We operate a 2.4GHz hotspot network in addition to our 5GHz wireless network. We do not publish coverage maps of our hotspot network as there are too many factors that influence reception. Suffice it to say, unless you are within 150m of a hotspot, you will not receive a reliable signal. All our hotspot wireless IDs start with "" or "CC_". If your computer sees one of these signals, but is unable to connect reliably, we can install either a booster or an external antenna to ensure a more stable connection.