Why Choose Cape Connect?

Cape Connect Internet Fair Use Policy

Cape Connect Internet is committed to ensuring that our customers receive the best possible broadband service at the most competitive price. We thus provide an uncontended service. Our Internet bandwidth(capacity) is designed to be shared by all our customers at any one point in time, to ensure a satisfactory and acceptable performance on an equal basis for all our customers.

As an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Cape Connect Internet only provides access to the Internet and does not guarantee content delivery and performance where it is not within the domain of Cape Connect Internet as an ISP. Our traffic management policy is designed to cater for all our customers to ensure they have an optimal service within the normal limits of Internet usage.

Cape Connect Internet encourages responsible usage of the infrastructure we provide. In terms of current legislation, we are obliged to co-operate with the authorities with regard to illegal content and activities on our network, including provision of client details and location on presentation of a valid court order.