Cape Connect Wireless

Wireless Broadband

Our wireless network is extensive and stable, providing both uncapped and capped solutions to meet your needs. Our technicians and installers ensure that you receive the best possible wireless service to home or business.

Business Wireless

These services are unshaped and uncapped, with a 1:1 contention ratio. Upload and download speeds are the same. Our wireless connections are used by a variety of clients, from small home businesses, to large multi-national corporations.

Home Uncapped Wireless

Our uncapped packages are truly uncapped - they are not soft-capped, they do not slow down as the month progresses. We give you a speed limit, and you can use as much as you want to up to that speed.


WDSL is a specialized range of products from Cape Connect Internet that is designed to compete with uncapped ADSL products from the major ISPs. The major advantage of WDSL is that it does not require a Telkom ADSL line. WDSL is delivered via our wireless network throughout our coverage area. No Telkom line means no monthly line rental to Telkom. It also means that your service will continue running when the thieves steal the copper cable that delivers ADSL services to your neighbours.

Please refer to the website for details on these products.

Wireless Installations

If you are in our coverage area, we should be able to offer you service. However, we do not connect clients if there is any doubt that their connection will not be stable. In order to ensure this, a free site survey is usually required to check line of sight to our nearest access point or high site.

What determines whether I can use your service or not?

Distance from our towers or access points:

We will not attempt to connect a client who is at a considerable distance from our service. Your site survey will determine whether we can successfully transmit over the distance.

Trees, buildings and other physical blocks:

We do not connect clients who do not have clear line of sight. If there are trees, buildings, or other physical structures in the way, and no place to mount an antenna where we can see past these, we will not install an antenna, and will attempt to refer you to someone else who may be able to provide service in another direction.

Wireless interference:

As technology uptake increases and more devices transmit wireless signals, there is increasing wireless "noise" in populated areas. Certain areas are so noisy that we are unable to offer a reliable service there. We will not connect you to our service if this is the case.