Fax 2 Email

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What is Fax2Email?

When a fax is sent to your 086 Fax2Email number, the fax is received by the Fax2Email servers which then convert the document to digital email format and forward the email to the email address linked to your Fax2Email number.

Anyone can now have their own fax number and, what's more, it's completely free to receive faxes.

The advantages speak for themselves.

  • You no longer need a fax machine, fixed fax lines or monthly fax line rentals.
  • Manage your faxes as you would your standard emails.
  • Save on paper and ink, only print required faxes or pages.
  • Received faxes can be forwarded to any number of recipients without time wasted in front of a fax machine.
  • Receive your faxes when out of the office, travelling or abroad.

Using Fax2Email is a simple three step process

  • The other party faxes documents to your Fax2Email number.
  • The fax is received by the Fax2Email server which processes the fax and emails it to your email address as an attachment.
  • You receive the fax in your email inbox.

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