Internode Fibre

Fibre Optic Broadband


Cape Connect provides fibre to the home (FTTH) and fibre to the business (FTTB) over Internode infrastructure.

NOTE: Our fibre products are ONLY available over existing infrastructure. If you do not have existing fibre to your premisis, we cannot run fibre to a stand-alone business without you incurring exorbitant expenses for us to do so. In addition, if there is no existing infrastructure, there is a lead time of up to 5 months to provide a fibre service.

Fibre for Home

Our fibre to the home products require a fibre optic cable between our network and your home. Cape Connect Internet has its own fibre network in selected complexes and apartment blocks.

We do, however, work with developers and interested communities to supply a fibre network for all houses within a specific area that is not already covered.

Click here for home fibre products and pricing.

Fibre for Business

There are many service providers offering fibre to the premises these days. Our team members have contactable references dating back to 1999. We have been doing this for a very long time. We know what we are doing.

Fibre connections are much more reliable than traditional ADSL or Diginet connections. Business Packages must be applied for in writing, by completing the Application for Business Service form including Debit Order Mandate.

We offer a variety of fibre products for business, which cover a range of requirements and budgets:

SME Fibre

Small / Medium Enterprise Fibre

  • ADSL replacement product
  • Month-to-month contract

Fibre Lite

Budget-friendly Fibre

  • Softcapped
  • 10:1 contention
  • Month-to-month contract

Business Fibre

Managed Fibre
for Business

  • SLA
  • 1:1 contention
  • Active management and reporting

Ultimate Fibre

High Speed Business Fibre

  • 100Mb to 1Gb Speed
  • 1:1 contention
  • 12 month contract